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AAUW Worldly Wanda / Tour De Fremont

Earlier in the week I came down with a chest cold so luckily on the day of my first 100k organized ride I seemed to be fairly clear headed so I decided to go on the ride. Billy and our friend Matthew rode with us on the ride. Today the group seemed to be really slow and disorganized so shortly after the first rest stop Billy, myself, Matthew and 2 other women from the training group decided to ride ahead of the group. We had a wonderful ride up to Alum Rock Park where rest stop #2 was located. we grabbed a sandwich, some water, and GU gummy thingies and continued out of the park and out to Alum Rock Ave where we twisted back down to the road that took us up to the park and headed back towards Fremont. After this we found ourselves being led onto Fremont -Cushing Blvd and on to Cherry then all the way to a park in Newark for our 3rd water stop around mile 40. Water stop 3 was maned by the Girl Scouts of America and they were awesome enough to provide us with more sandwiches, water, and GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!! After this we headed up Paseo Padre into Niles and back to Central Park. For being so sick the days prior I was really surprised I did as well as I did. We managed to average 14 mph during the ride and got back to the park around 2pm. Upon arrival to the park we were greeted with a huge pat on the back, a goodie bag and a big bowl of vegetarian chili. I had a great ride and I cant wait until the Cinderella Classic!!

The Route


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