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Cinderella Training Graduation Ride & Party

This last weekend was our graduation ride and party. After becoming sick again during the week after the Worldly Wanda I wasn’t up to snuff on the ride. We did a 40 mile loop starting in Sunol and riding out to Livermore via Pleasanton. We rode on a larger portion of the Cinderella Classic route. During the ride today we had a few mechanical issues that really took up a lot of our ride time. The most significant issue on the ride is when one woman had issues with her cleats unclipping and did not have a spare set of cleats or how her clip less system worked 100%. After about 20 minutes we were able to go on our way again. I Believe the woman was unable to clip in/out of at least one of her pedals. The ride from here went very smoothly. A few minutes after we returned to the cars to pack up our bikes and get ready for the party a woman from another group rushed by letting us know the last rider in our group fell and the paramedics were on their way. We all got very worried that we did not pay enough attention to the group as a whole but we were only a few miles from the end of the ride and had just regrouped right before the accident occurred. There was a ride leader riding sweep so it’s not like she was left behind. After a few minutes the sweep ride leader joined our group and filled us in on the details. The woman fell just in the freeway u depress where the road is very rough and there is huge cracks in the asphalt. She cracked her helmet when she fell so the paramedics were called. The woman seemed fine but it was better safe than sorry especially when a helmet is cracked open like an egg. Felling a bit of relief the group went off to the party that was hosted at the Sunol Jazz Cafe in Sunol CA. The cafe did a great job of hosting the party and the food was awesome! The organizer of the training handed out awards and presents then showed us a video of photos taken thru out the training series. I had a great time and it was sad to say goodbye to my new friends.

This weekend is the Cinderella Classic 100k and I can’t wait!


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