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Cinderella Training Graduation Ride & Party

This last weekend was our graduation ride and party. After becoming sick again during the week after the Worldly Wanda I wasn’t up to snuff on the ride. We did a 40 mile loop starting in Sunol and riding out to Livermore via Pleasanton. We rode on a larger portion of the Cinderella Classic route. During the ride today we had a few mechanical issues that really took up a lot of our ride time. The most significant issue on the ride is when one woman had issues with her cleats unclipping and did not have a spare set of cleats or how her clip less system worked 100%. After about 20 minutes we were able to go on our way again. I Believe the woman was unable to clip in/out of at least one of her pedals. The ride from here went very smoothly. A few minutes after we returned to the cars to pack up our bikes and get ready for the party a woman from another group rushed by letting us know the last rider in our group fell and the paramedics were on their way. We all got very worried that we did not pay enough attention to the group as a whole but we were only a few miles from the end of the ride and had just regrouped right before the accident occurred. There was a ride leader riding sweep so it’s not like she was left behind. After a few minutes the sweep ride leader joined our group and filled us in on the details. The woman fell just in the freeway u depress where the road is very rough and there is huge cracks in the asphalt. She cracked her helmet when she fell so the paramedics were called. The woman seemed fine but it was better safe than sorry especially when a helmet is cracked open like an egg. Felling a bit of relief the group went off to the party that was hosted at the Sunol Jazz Cafe in Sunol CA. The cafe did a great job of hosting the party and the food was awesome! The organizer of the training handed out awards and presents then showed us a video of photos taken thru out the training series. I had a great time and it was sad to say goodbye to my new friends.

This weekend is the Cinderella Classic 100k and I can’t wait!


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AAUW Worldly Wanda / Tour De Fremont

Earlier in the week I came down with a chest cold so luckily on the day of my first 100k organized ride I seemed to be fairly clear headed so I decided to go on the ride. Billy and our friend Matthew rode with us on the ride. Today the group seemed to be really slow and disorganized so shortly after the first rest stop Billy, myself, Matthew and 2 other women from the training group decided to ride ahead of the group. We had a wonderful ride up to Alum Rock Park where rest stop #2 was located. we grabbed a sandwich, some water, and GU gummy thingies and continued out of the park and out to Alum Rock Ave where we twisted back down to the road that took us up to the park and headed back towards Fremont. After this we found ourselves being led onto Fremont -Cushing Blvd and on to Cherry then all the way to a park in Newark for our 3rd water stop around mile 40. Water stop 3 was maned by the Girl Scouts of America and they were awesome enough to provide us with more sandwiches, water, and GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!! After this we headed up Paseo Padre into Niles and back to Central Park. For being so sick the days prior I was really surprised I did as well as I did. We managed to average 14 mph during the ride and got back to the park around 2pm. Upon arrival to the park we were greeted with a huge pat on the back, a goodie bag and a big bowl of vegetarian chili. I had a great ride and I cant wait until the Cinderella Classic!!

The Route

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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #10 – The Final Ride

This was our last group training ride for 2010. We rode from The Bicycle Garage in Fremont to Crystal Springs Reservoir near highway 92 & 280. We had a great ride and you could really see the group coming together. On the way back thru Don Edwards Park we stopped at the visitors center to take some group photos that will be shown at the graduation lunch. This was our longest ride at 50 miles and we had no accidents and no issues with riders falling behind. Next is the groups first 100k ride together in the Worldly Wanda / Tour De Fremont.

This Week’s Route

This Week’s GPS Data

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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #9

I’ve decided to change the information that I post to the cycleblog. TrailRunner now has a publish to web log feature that tracks my miles for me right from the application that I store my ride data in!

This week’s ride was on part of the actual Cinderella Classic route. We started at Crank2 in Pleasanton and looped thru the city to Livermore and back. The morning started out a little cold but by noon it was nice and warm. What a nice change from the recent rain storms. The ride was great and the blue group really seems to be getting better as a whole. We climbed the hills as a group and spent less time re-grouping and more time riding. With about 15 miles to go my crank came lose. I thought I would have to call it quits for the day but the ladies zipped off to the cars (which happened to be around the corner) and returned with tools and a vehicle just in case I was not able to fix the crank. Luckily I was able to tighten the crank and we were continued on with our ride. After the quick repair job we did a quick out and back on Pleasanton – Sunol Rd. and then went back to the cars parked at Crank2.

After the ride Crank2 was offering 20% off to the Cinderella Trainees. Crank2 has a lot of women’s specific cycling gear/clothing so I decided to take a peak inside. I found a pair of Descente Women’s Bib Shorts for 40% off that fit great! I’ve been really wanting to try a set of bib shorts but they seem to be really hard to find in the store.

What a great ride and a wonderful morning!

This Week’s Route

This Week’s Ride Data

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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #8

Miles: 35.71

TTL Mileage for the week: 52.31

Weather: 55 degrees and Sunny

Food: Cytomax, A Mini Clif Bar & GU Gel

The Ride: This week’s ride started out in Sunol then up Calaveras clockwise to the wall then back to Sunol. The ride out to Calaveras was nice. The climb to the false summit was very tiresome. Grimes Getaways was there at the false summit to provide us with fruit, trail mix, water and coffee for the 2nd half of the journey to the wall. This second half was a bit easier but by the time we reached the wall I was beat. We rested there for a few moments so we could all eat and drink then hoped right back on the bikes to go back to Sunol. At this point my legs were really burning but I pedaled on! I was thankful when we got back to the false summit as this meant it was all downhill from here. At this point my legs were pretty well spent. I think in the 4 hours we were riding I did not consume enough food and water. Once we arrived at the Sunol Jazz Cafe for a break we were all very thankful for a minute to chat and rest. After this we took a quick loop out Foothill to the bike path and returned on Sunol – Pleasanton Road to Niles and back to Sunol. I had a great time and the ride was awesome. I definitely need to get more time in on hills even tho hill climbing sucks.

Lessons Learned: EAT MORE!

GPS: GPSies - Cindy Training 8 - Actual Ride Data

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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #7

Miles: 40.67

TTL Mileage for the week: 55.67

Weather: 50 degrees and sunny until the last 10 miles then it was grey and sprinkled a bit.

Food: Sausage McMuffin with Egg & Hashbrown. Strawberry Banana GU, Fruit Bar, & Cytomax on the ride. Green Tea Latte at the coffee break.

The Ride: We started at the Sunol Train Station in Sunol CA and rode up Calaveras to the Sunol Regional Park. The road to the park had some short steep climbs and then a nice descent into the park for a potty stop. After that it was back to the train station to re-group and get a pep talk from the ride leader on proper climbing/descending. After that it was a 4 mile climb up Kilkare then a fast descent down Kilkare and a loop into Pleasanton for a coffee break then back to the train station for the last time.

Gps Data:GPSies - Cindy Training 7 - Actual Ride Data

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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #6

Miles: 40.0

TTL Mileage for the week: 40.0 (Rebuilt the bike this week)

Weather: 55 degrees, overcast with a bit of fog in the hills

Food: McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg for breakfast. GU Gel on the ride along with Cytomax in water bottle #2 (this is now replacing the Nuun I was using). We got Starbucks 1/2 way so I got an Iced Tea. Cytomax after the ride.

The Ride: Great ride with about 1500′ of elevation change. We started out from Bayfront Park in Menlo Park and rode into the Atherton hills. From there we looped around and down to Los Gatos then back to Bayfront. We did a big figure 8 around the area going up and down hills with 4 – 5% grades. We didn’t do a ton of extended climbing so we had some nice down hills throughout the entire ride. The cycle computer said my max speed on the ride was 35mph!

What was great about this ride is I was able to stay at the front of the pack up the hills and I had ZERO issues with my asthma! At one point about 1/2 way up the 5% grade and I actually started felling the burn in my legs. Usually my lungs have blown up before I get to the point where I could feel any real fatigue that wasn’t from having an asthma attack. Anyone who has asthma can tell you once an attack starts your energy is zapped. You can no longer deliver enough oxygen to the muscles and bad things happen.

We lost a woman about 1/2 way thru the ride who had to be turned back and taken to her car because she couldn’t hang on the hills. Hopefully next week she can drop down to a less aggressive group and have a great time.

Lessons Learned: Don’t waste time with an 8 speed bike if you have even a small idea that you could do some serious mileage on a bike. Making the jump to a 10 speed cassette definitely made my ride easier.

FitBit Data: http://www.fitbit.com/user/227W42

GPS Data: GPSies - Cindy Training 7 - Actual Ride Data

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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #4

Miles: 30.0

TTL Mileage for the week: 30.0 miles (bad weather all week) + 1 hour 40 minutes on trainer

Weather: 50 degrees, Cloudy with patches of COLD rain

Food: Cereal with non fat milk for breakfast. GU Strawberry Bannana, Nuun Electrolytes on the ride. Green Tea Latte &  a Banana after the ride

The Ride: Today’s ride was pretty easy with a nice climb in the middle up to Alum Rock Park. With the new allergy meds I had no asthma issues this ride but we only climbed about 500′ today. I also got a Garmin Edge 705 on Friday and forgot to hit the start button to record the ride so I do not have any ride data for this ride. In the future I can upload the maps to http://www.bikely.com and post them here. You can also download the .gpx file from bikely so if you would like to do the route you can!

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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #3

Miles: 29.6

TTL Mileage for the week: 56.3 miles + 30 min on trainer

Weather: Foggy/Partly Cloudy early then the sun broke free and it was an awesome day!

Food: Luna moons split between 2 stops, Nuun Electrolytes, Togo’s for lunch after the ride.

The Ride: Today was a good ride. We averaged about 13 mph and did about 1000ft of elevation change (maybe more since we added in a steep hill that was not on the route sheet). On the second steep hill my lungs blew up but thankfully there was a quick steep hill after that that I stood up for and got up easily and did not trigger a replay event of the prior hill. After that it was smooth sailing to our Starbucks rest stop at about 23 miles.

One of the ride leaders designed some riding vests for the Worldly Wanda ride for us. There will be a zipper section on the back but instead of it having storage it allows you to access storage in your jersey! This will definitely be a great thing to have on the ALC ride in June!

Lessons Learned: I really need to eat breakfast but its so hard to do that so early in the morning 😦 I also have a doctors appointment for Monday about the asthma.

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Starting Training for the AIDS LifeCycle

I decided to blog about my journey from a 60k ride to 545 miles in 7 days. Here is a bit of background on why I decided to do the AIDS LifeCycle ride.

In January of 2009 I quit smoking cigarettes. Shortly there after I bought a nice hard tail mountain bike and started going out to the trails with my boyfriend. Eager to become “weekend warriors” we decided to get road bikes to augment our riding so we would be able to ride more frequently so when the weekend came we could hit the trails with some improved endurance and skill from our weekday rides.

By August of 2009 Billy and I signed up to do our first 60k organized ride the “Tour De Menlo” in Menlo Park CA.

Leary to get back on the bike during the rainy season I signed up for a training series for the Cinderella Classic. This is a local ride organized by women for women and is a 100k loop around Dublin / San Ramon.

The Fremont Free Wheelers Bicycle Club women have organized a 10 ride training series for the Cinderella ride that started January 16 @ The Bicycle Garage in Fremont only blocks from my house.  The first day bicycle rodeo was not exactly fun but we did get to go on a 12 mile easy ride for the first week. Somehow on this ride I pulled a muscle in my shoulder that left me in a lot of pain during the rest of the week. I’m not going to record the food for this ride because it was only 12 miles.

Billy and I will also be joining in on the ALC South Bay Cat2 Sunday rides. These rides start out at about the same pace as the cindy training but continue on thru May.

Cindy Training ride #2

January 23, 2010

Miles: 24

Weather: Questionable, Sprinkles + Partly Cloudy

Food for the ride: GU Strawberry Banana, Water, NuuN Electrolytes, A light breakfast before hand & A cheeseburger for lunch right after the ride.

The morning started out dark and gloomy but dry. By the time I was oepening the garage door to ride out it had started pooring! Luckily this tapered off in the next few minutes so I decided to go with the girls on the ride today. Within about 10 minutes of leaving the Bicycle Garage it started sprinkling. It sprinkled off and on for the whole ride but we had a great ride. We started at the Bicycle Garage on Mowry, made our way to starbucks on Newark & Jarvis in Newark, then off to loop around coyote hills. We came back by way of Paseo Padre to Central then back to the Bicycle Garage. The group I’m riding with got a bit larger this week as everyone is still trying to figure out if they belong in a cat 1 group or cat 2 so our now larger group kept getting split in half. At one point on our way out of the park I decided to sprint ahead to the lead group and my left calf locked up on me solid.

Lessons learned on this ride: Stretch my legs before the RIDE!

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