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FFBC Rides Last Week

Well we didn’t end up doing the 110 mile Cat 3 ALC Training ride due to Billy forgetting his shoes. I also forgot my water bottles but that’s not a show stopper like Billy’s shoes. We went home and dug up the FFBC ride calendar and decided to do the “Mission Loop” ride on Sunday that took us up an around the Mission side of Fremont, Milpitas & San Jose. I had a few bike troubles on the way. Guess Performance doesn’t know how to tune a bike so Billy did it for me when we got home. I also had a side wall blowout with my brand spankin new Continental Gator Skin tires!! I don’t even have 100 miles on these tires! They’re so new you can still see the little stuff on the seam that usually wears off quickly. I also bought these at Performance so I should be able to return them for a refund or something.

On Wednesday I did the FFBC “Pizza Ride” where you come you get the ride sheet you mark “yes” or “no” if you want pizza and then at 6:15pm sharp you race off around Fremont at high speeds just to be the first to get back for pizza. I heard jokes in the Cinderella Classic Training about the “Pizza Race” so now I really know what they mean! I had a great ride and I got to see some folks from the Cinderella Training and the Primavera that I haven’t seen in a few weeks.


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RIP Romeo

On Sunday one of the FFBC club members passed out on the Sunday ride and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately the rider did not make it and passed away.

My condolences go out to his Family and Friends.

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