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Uploading routes to your Garmin Edge 705

Uploading custom “turn by turn” routes to my Garmin Edge 705 has proved to be a difficult and frustrating task. I opted to not buy Garmin’s maps for my laptop. Instead I am utilizing as much Free/OpenSource Software/Web Sites as possible. Here is how I upload my routes from GPSies.com to my GPS. You should be able to follow similar steps for any online mapping site.

  1. Export from GPSies.com as a Garmin Route. DO NOT fiddle with Track Points or Track Simplification!! Everything else seems to not break “turn by turn” directions if you change them. I think GPSies is using an older version of GPX files when they create the GPX so this needs to be verified. TrailRunner for sure uses newer GPX types.
  2. Import the .gpx file into Trail Runner.
  3. Export from Trail Runner as a Garmin Track. DO NOT COMPRESS!
  4. Import the TrailRunner .gpx file into Garmin RoadTrip for OS X or Equivalent Windows Software.
  5. Plug the Garmin Edge 705 in to your computer via USB.
  6. “Send” the imported track to the GPS. DO NOTING IN THIS APPLICATION OTHER THAN SEND!
  7. Turn on the GPS.
  8. Go to Press the “Menu” button, select “Where To” then select “Saved Routes” and select your newly uploaded route.
  9. Select “Navigate”.
  10. Once it is done loading hit the “Mode” button until you are out of the menu and on the “turn by turn” direction screen.
  11. Don’t forget to hit “Start” to start the ride. If turn by turn fails restart navigation while on the route. Do not do it while standing still. You should automagically have turn by turn working for your route.

If you have any questions post a comment and I might be able to help. Good Luck!


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