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ALC 9 – Orientation Day

Bike Parking

Bike Parking

We arrived at the Cow Palace just after lunch for ALC 9 orientation. We dropped off our bikes and they stuck a sticker with a number on it on the stem of the bike and another identical one on our shirt. This number represented where our bikes were parked so we could attach our bib number to our frame and come back to it tomorrow for ride out. We had some time until the next safety video was going to play so we made our way to the schwag booth to buy some hats, jerseys, socks and the like. After our shopping spree we made our way to watch the safety / orientation video where we received a plastic wristband stating we watched the video and were an ALC rider. After this we picked up our packets that contained our tent assignments and bib numbers for our bike frames and helmets. We also received another plastic wrist band designating us as meat eaters for the chow line.  I didn’t realize when I received my packet I was supposed to receive a chain with a blue chip with my tent grid number for my luggage and an orange chip to wear around my neck so I didn’t forget where my tent grid square is. Later in the week I went to Info Services in camp and they had my tent assignment packet that I should have gotten at orientation. In the next room we received a “goodie bag” with the sponsors listed on it and some advertisements from the sponsors on the inside. After this there was nothing left to do except attach our bib numbers to our bikes and go home to double check what was packed for our epic trip! Tomorrow begins the first of many very difficult days but I’m sure it will be an amazing experience!

ALC Orientation Day Photos

My orientation day images. Courtesy of aidslifecycle.org


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