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ALC9 – Day 5 – Santa Maria to Lompoc – 62 miles traveled – 393 miles total

On Day 5 we went thru Solvang and stopped there for lunch. Solvang is a small danish town tucked away in the California Wine country. We didn’t have a lot of time to sight see so we came back thru Solvang on our way home after ALC was over. As we left Solvang on Day 5 we were met with 40+mph gusty headwinds that made for a miserable horrible ride into Lompoc. I have never in my life worked so hard to get down a -6% grade in my life. Normally I should be reaching speeds in excess of 30mph but on this day I was barely able to squeak out 12 mph. I hate headwinds. Also Day 5 was red dress day and we got to see all sorts of crazy people in red dresses or more flamboyant outfits riding their bikes along the highway. Billy and I just wore red bicycling cloths so we didn’t stick out too badly. I got a bit sunburned on Day 5 because I wore a sleeveless jersey and it exposed my very white shoulders who soaked in a bit too much sun. Eventually we got into camp where we grabbed a quick shower and hopped a shuttle into Lompoc where we got sandwiches at a restaurant. After that we made a quick trip to the drug store for more sunscreen then hopped a shuttle back to camp where we grabbed a 2nd dinner and desert before heading to bed.

My Day 5 photos

Day 5 route recorded by Garmin Edge 705

Official ALC day 5 photos

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