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My Quest For Tires

So last week I posted about the Continental Gator Skins. I’m sad they were such a fail but life goes on.  I put my old holey Specialized Mondo’s back on while I searched for a nice set of tires with puncture protection. I decided to look at some other Specialized tires since I’ve had great luck with the Mondo’s and Billy has had great luck with the Armadillos. Specialized makes a Mondo S-Works Clincher tire with a kevlar bead so I figured these must be exactly what I need.

Blue Specialized Mondo S-Works

Specialized Mondo S-Works

I rode 55 miles with them this weekend and they rode very smooth and I haven’t had any blow outs yet. So far so good! They even have a blue stripe around the tire that matches my white black and blue bike. 🙂


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Continental Gator Skins

I got the Gator Skins as an alternative to the Specialized Armadillos. I had 2 side wall blowouts in less than 1 week and 1 of them was when I wasn’t even on the bike!

My boyfriend and I took a trip up to Oregon for the weekend to see his family and by the time we got there my rear tire was flat with a side wall blowout! I haven’t had these tires very long so I am very disappointed in the Continentals. I ran the Specialized Mondo’s WITH A HOLE IN THEM FOR MONTHS!! I think it’s time to take the Gator Skins back to Performance and go to Mike’s Bikes and get the Armadillos.

I guess I’ll put the Mondo’s back on for the time being until I can go get the Armadillos. 😉

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FFBC Rides Last Week

Well we didn’t end up doing the 110 mile Cat 3 ALC Training ride due to Billy forgetting his shoes. I also forgot my water bottles but that’s not a show stopper like Billy’s shoes. We went home and dug up the FFBC ride calendar and decided to do the “Mission Loop” ride on Sunday that took us up an around the Mission side of Fremont, Milpitas & San Jose. I had a few bike troubles on the way. Guess Performance doesn’t know how to tune a bike so Billy did it for me when we got home. I also had a side wall blowout with my brand spankin new Continental Gator Skin tires!! I don’t even have 100 miles on these tires! They’re so new you can still see the little stuff on the seam that usually wears off quickly. I also bought these at Performance so I should be able to return them for a refund or something.

On Wednesday I did the FFBC “Pizza Ride” where you come you get the ride sheet you mark “yes” or “no” if you want pizza and then at 6:15pm sharp you race off around Fremont at high speeds just to be the first to get back for pizza. I heard jokes in the Cinderella Classic Training about the “Pizza Race” so now I really know what they mean! I had a great ride and I got to see some folks from the Cinderella Training and the Primavera that I haven’t seen in a few weeks.

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2009 Fuji CCR 2 – Full Carbon Bike

I got a new toy this week. A 2009 Fuji CCR 2 Full Carbon bike on sale with Ultegra/105 components. I can’t wait to ride it some distance and see how it is.

2009 Fuji CCR 2

2009 Fuji CCR 2

For my first real ride on the bike I decided go on the 110 mile “Ride With Chris” ride “Distance training #9” tomorrow with my boyfriend. We’re starting in Mountain View and riding to Gilroy and back. The weather tomorrow should be low to mid 70’s so hopefully we will have a great day!

Also I have raised $2500 for ALC!!! $500 to go! Hopefully I can raise an extra $2000 and get a jersey too. That would be so awesome and the perfect jersey to finish off my collection of event jerseys!

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Cinderella Classic

Well the ride has come and gone and I had an awesome time! We had a great ride and got to talk to a bunch of nice ladies. It was really amazing being out there with all those women riders!

Unfortunately the weather did not work out to our advantage. We got the next best thing to rain. Wind, and LOTS of it. I felt like I rode in a head wind for 75% of the ride.

I met the other trainees from the blue group in the line for registration. While we waited in line people walked up and down the line with trays of bagels and baked goods to tide us over while waiting to register. I really appreciated this as I forgot to eat breakfast before I left and didn’t get a chance to stop for anything on the way to the fair grounds.

We started out in Pleasanton CA at the Alameda County Fair Grounds and wound through neighborhoods in Pleasanton out to Vineyard Ave then to Robertson Park for our first stop. The stop was loaded with baked goods, candies, fruit, sandwiches, bagels, water and sports drinks. The people working at the water stop were really awesome and got folks in and out quickly. At this point we had about 14 miles to our lunch stop. We continued out Concannon out twords Patterson Pass rd. The wind got really strong out here and it was a hard battle thru the wind to our lunch stop at Christensen School. At the school hey had more sandwiches and baked goods so I filled up on a sandwich and lemonade and then got on my way. We wandered thru Livermore and back into Pleasanton to water stop number 3. We skipped stop number 3 and stopped at the Starbucks a few blocks later. It was nice to get out of the cold wind for awhile and fill up on a hot beverage. After this it was smooth sailing back to the fair grounds to the finish and the bike expo.

After I put up my bike I met back up with the ladies at the registration area for more sandwiches, goodies, hot soup and the expo. I shopped around for a few minutes then got in line for some hot soup. After a bit we all said our goodbyes and headed back to Fremont.

I had a great time and I can not wait to do the challenge course next year!

The AIDS LifeCycle is about 50 days away and I’m getting anxious about what the weather will be like and how the courses will be every day. I hope I can hang with all the riding we will be doing for 7 consecutive days.

FFBC Blue Bells

FFBC Blue Bells

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Cinderella Training Graduation Ride & Party

This last weekend was our graduation ride and party. After becoming sick again during the week after the Worldly Wanda I wasn’t up to snuff on the ride. We did a 40 mile loop starting in Sunol and riding out to Livermore via Pleasanton. We rode on a larger portion of the Cinderella Classic route. During the ride today we had a few mechanical issues that really took up a lot of our ride time. The most significant issue on the ride is when one woman had issues with her cleats unclipping and did not have a spare set of cleats or how her clip less system worked 100%. After about 20 minutes we were able to go on our way again. I Believe the woman was unable to clip in/out of at least one of her pedals. The ride from here went very smoothly. A few minutes after we returned to the cars to pack up our bikes and get ready for the party a woman from another group rushed by letting us know the last rider in our group fell and the paramedics were on their way. We all got very worried that we did not pay enough attention to the group as a whole but we were only a few miles from the end of the ride and had just regrouped right before the accident occurred. There was a ride leader riding sweep so it’s not like she was left behind. After a few minutes the sweep ride leader joined our group and filled us in on the details. The woman fell just in the freeway u depress where the road is very rough and there is huge cracks in the asphalt. She cracked her helmet when she fell so the paramedics were called. The woman seemed fine but it was better safe than sorry especially when a helmet is cracked open like an egg. Felling a bit of relief the group went off to the party that was hosted at the Sunol Jazz Cafe in Sunol CA. The cafe did a great job of hosting the party and the food was awesome! The organizer of the training handed out awards and presents then showed us a video of photos taken thru out the training series. I had a great time and it was sad to say goodbye to my new friends.

This weekend is the Cinderella Classic 100k and I can’t wait!

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AAUW Worldly Wanda / Tour De Fremont

Earlier in the week I came down with a chest cold so luckily on the day of my first 100k organized ride I seemed to be fairly clear headed so I decided to go on the ride. Billy and our friend Matthew rode with us on the ride. Today the group seemed to be really slow and disorganized so shortly after the first rest stop Billy, myself, Matthew and 2 other women from the training group decided to ride ahead of the group. We had a wonderful ride up to Alum Rock Park where rest stop #2 was located. we grabbed a sandwich, some water, and GU gummy thingies and continued out of the park and out to Alum Rock Ave where we twisted back down to the road that took us up to the park and headed back towards Fremont. After this we found ourselves being led onto Fremont -Cushing Blvd and on to Cherry then all the way to a park in Newark for our 3rd water stop around mile 40. Water stop 3 was maned by the Girl Scouts of America and they were awesome enough to provide us with more sandwiches, water, and GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!! After this we headed up Paseo Padre into Niles and back to Central Park. For being so sick the days prior I was really surprised I did as well as I did. We managed to average 14 mph during the ride and got back to the park around 2pm. Upon arrival to the park we were greeted with a huge pat on the back, a goodie bag and a big bowl of vegetarian chili. I had a great ride and I cant wait until the Cinderella Classic!!

The Route

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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #10 – The Final Ride

This was our last group training ride for 2010. We rode from The Bicycle Garage in Fremont to Crystal Springs Reservoir near highway 92 & 280. We had a great ride and you could really see the group coming together. On the way back thru Don Edwards Park we stopped at the visitors center to take some group photos that will be shown at the graduation lunch. This was our longest ride at 50 miles and we had no accidents and no issues with riders falling behind. Next is the groups first 100k ride together in the Worldly Wanda / Tour De Fremont.

This Week’s Route

This Week’s GPS Data

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Uploading routes to your Garmin Edge 705

Uploading custom “turn by turn” routes to my Garmin Edge 705 has proved to be a difficult and frustrating task. I opted to not buy Garmin’s maps for my laptop. Instead I am utilizing as much Free/OpenSource Software/Web Sites as possible. Here is how I upload my routes from GPSies.com to my GPS. You should be able to follow similar steps for any online mapping site.

  1. Export from GPSies.com as a Garmin Route. DO NOT fiddle with Track Points or Track Simplification!! Everything else seems to not break “turn by turn” directions if you change them. I think GPSies is using an older version of GPX files when they create the GPX so this needs to be verified. TrailRunner for sure uses newer GPX types.
  2. Import the .gpx file into Trail Runner.
  3. Export from Trail Runner as a Garmin Track. DO NOT COMPRESS!
  4. Import the TrailRunner .gpx file into Garmin RoadTrip for OS X or Equivalent Windows Software.
  5. Plug the Garmin Edge 705 in to your computer via USB.
  6. “Send” the imported track to the GPS. DO NOTING IN THIS APPLICATION OTHER THAN SEND!
  7. Turn on the GPS.
  8. Go to Press the “Menu” button, select “Where To” then select “Saved Routes” and select your newly uploaded route.
  9. Select “Navigate”.
  10. Once it is done loading hit the “Mode” button until you are out of the menu and on the “turn by turn” direction screen.
  11. Don’t forget to hit “Start” to start the ride. If turn by turn fails restart navigation while on the route. Do not do it while standing still. You should automagically have turn by turn working for your route.

If you have any questions post a comment and I might be able to help. Good Luck!

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Terry Falcon X Women’s Saddle

Terry Falcon X

The time has come to upgrade from a recreational squishy gel saddle (WTB Speed She) to something a bit more fitted to what I am doing. After a bit of looking I settled on the Terry Falcon X Woman’s Saddle. I noticed immediately that it supported my sit bones a lot better. After a few rides of 40+ miles I have noticed less chaffing and shifting around on the saddle during the ride. I’m still working on breaking in the leather saddle but It feels like it is only going to get more comfortable from here!

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