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ALC9 – Day 3 – King CIty to Paso Robles – 54 miles traveled – 241 miles total

Rest Stop 4

Rest Stop 4

Early in the day we had a large climb they call “The QuadBuster”. I only made it about 1/4 way up the hill before I had to walk to the 1/2 way point before I could continue to the top of the QuadBuster. It was a nasty steep hill but once I made it to the top is was all downhill for about 7 miles into the next rest stop. Unfortunately when I got to the top I realized I could no longer shift into my big chainring so I wasn’t able to keep the downhill momentum for long after the downhill flattened out. Once I got to the next rest stop they adjusted the front derailure cable a bit and I was able to continue on my way. So far we had great weather for the first half of our day but shortly we were greeted with 90 degrees and dry wind making the rest of our journey very difficult. Our lunch stop was in a small town called Bradley who puts on a HUGE BBQ lunch to raise money for their school trips. So we decided to opt-out of the ALC lunch and buy burgers from the school kids instead. After we rolled out from lunch we were about 500 or so feet away from Bradley when Billy got his first of 3 rapid flats. Billy had to SAG to the next rest stop and there he got to buy a new tire and was on his way again. The next rest stop was at Mission San Miguel but due to being so exhausted from the heat I forgot to look around and take pictures. At this stop I decided to SAG the rest of the way into camp due to the heat. I may be from the desert but I’m not a freaking lizard. I got to sit at this rest stop for awhile and watch the rest stop workers put on a fake “Price Is Right” show. It was really funny to see the guys dressed up in gowns showing off the items to be bid on to the bikers in the audience. Camp 3 was at the Paso Robles Fairgrounds. This was one of the worse camps as everyone was stuck sleeping on a hard packed dirt parking lot. Even some of the really unfortunate souls got stuck next to the old horse stables that smelled pretty bad. Tonight marks the start of the low hum of camp snoring that was absent the first few nights. All in all I had a great day on day 3.

Day 3 route recorded by Garmin Edge 705

Official ALC day 3 photos

Other event images


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