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ALC 9 – Day 1 – SF to Santa Cruz – 80 miles traveled

Dinner Tent

Dinner Tent

Opening Ceremonies were pretty amazing. I have never seen so many riders in one place at one time. When we got to Cow Palace we promptly visited our bikes to check air pressure in the tires, fill our water bottles, and attach our handle bar bags to the bikes. Unfortunately we had skipped breakfast so we went in search of food. We were fortunate to find a snack area with various fruit, pop tarts, power bars and energy drinks for riders to fill up on before the ride started. After a quick bathroom stop we gathered in the waiting area to get into the main arena for opening ceremonies. For several minutes we got to watch all the different riders wander by with their loved ones in a rainbow of different jerseys and costumes. As 6 am rolled around we were finally let into the arena where opening ceremonies opened with a group stretching session then the riderless bicycle was led into the arena by the Positive Peddlers. We then filtered out of the arena and back to our bikes to prep for roll out. Luckily they shut down one of the roads leading from the Cow Palace so we could leave the city as fast as possible. It was so foggy for roll out that I swear we swam from SF to hwy 92. Once we hit 92 it was clear blue skies and tons of climbing. I probably hit speeds well over 40 mph while descending highway 92 to PCH 1. Rolling into camp 1 was pretty crazy. There was a massive bike parking area for all the bikes to park in and we were then instructed to pick up our gear from the gear trucks so we can set up our tents, shower and get some dinner in us after a long hard day of riding. We got stuck setting our tent up in hard packed dirt so our first night was a bit rough. On top of that it was really hot riding into Santa Cruz so it took a long time before our tent was cool enough to lay down in.

My Day 1 pics

Day 1 route recorded by Garmin Edge 705

Official ALC 9 Day 1 Photos

Other event images


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ALC 9 – Links and stuff

Here are some various links for AIDS/Lifecycle that may be of interest to folks.

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