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Uploading routes to your Garmin Edge 705

Uploading custom “turn by turn” routes to my Garmin Edge 705 has proved to be a difficult and frustrating task. I opted to not buy Garmin’s maps for my laptop. Instead I am utilizing as much Free/OpenSource Software/Web Sites as possible. Here is how I upload my routes from GPSies.com to my GPS. You should be able to follow similar steps for any online mapping site.

  1. Export from GPSies.com as a Garmin Route. DO NOT fiddle with Track Points or Track Simplification!! Everything else seems to not break “turn by turn” directions if you change them. I think GPSies is using an older version of GPX files when they create the GPX so this needs to be verified. TrailRunner for sure uses newer GPX types.
  2. Import the .gpx file into Trail Runner.
  3. Export from Trail Runner as a Garmin Track. DO NOT COMPRESS!
  4. Import the TrailRunner .gpx file into Garmin RoadTrip for OS X or Equivalent Windows Software.
  5. Plug the Garmin Edge 705 in to your computer via USB.
  6. “Send” the imported track to the GPS. DO NOTING IN THIS APPLICATION OTHER THAN SEND!
  7. Turn on the GPS.
  8. Go to Press the “Menu” button, select “Where To” then select “Saved Routes” and select your newly uploaded route.
  9. Select “Navigate”.
  10. Once it is done loading hit the “Mode” button until you are out of the menu and on the “turn by turn” direction screen.
  11. Don’t forget to hit “Start” to start the ride. If turn by turn fails restart navigation while on the route. Do not do it while standing still. You should automagically have turn by turn working for your route.

If you have any questions post a comment and I might be able to help. Good Luck!


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Terry Falcon X Women’s Saddle

Terry Falcon X

The time has come to upgrade from a recreational squishy gel saddle (WTB Speed She) to something a bit more fitted to what I am doing. After a bit of looking I settled on the Terry Falcon X Woman’s Saddle. I noticed immediately that it supported my sit bones a lot better. After a few rides of 40+ miles I have noticed less chaffing and shifting around on the saddle during the ride. I’m still working on breaking in the leather saddle but It feels like it is only going to get more comfortable from here!

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Descente Women’s C6 Bib Shorts

Descente C6 Women's Bib ShortChamois Butt'r

I bought these shorts after the Cindy Training ride at Crank2 in Pleasanton CA. I have had issues with my shorts rolling off my waist and wondered if a bib short would work out better. I was pleasantly surprised that they fit like a charm and that the chamois is very comfortable. It feels a bit big at first but once you’re in the saddle it doesn’t feel squishy and uncomfortable. Combined with a liberal coating of “Chamois Butt’r” I had little to no chaffing issues on a 100k ride!


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TrailRunner 3

TrailRunner 3 was released recently and has some great new features and a new feel! The first new feature that I really love is that you can now publish your training dairy as a weblog on MobileMe! They also cleaned up the training diary and made it a bit more intuitive. Unfortunately they did not revamp the route planner so I still rely on GPSies.com for all my route planning needs. If you haven’t upgraded yet now is the time!

My TrailRunner WebLog

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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #9

I’ve decided to change the information that I post to the cycleblog. TrailRunner now has a publish to web log feature that tracks my miles for me right from the application that I store my ride data in!

This week’s ride was on part of the actual Cinderella Classic route. We started at Crank2 in Pleasanton and looped thru the city to Livermore and back. The morning started out a little cold but by noon it was nice and warm. What a nice change from the recent rain storms. The ride was great and the blue group really seems to be getting better as a whole. We climbed the hills as a group and spent less time re-grouping and more time riding. With about 15 miles to go my crank came lose. I thought I would have to call it quits for the day but the ladies zipped off to the cars (which happened to be around the corner) and returned with tools and a vehicle just in case I was not able to fix the crank. Luckily I was able to tighten the crank and we were continued on with our ride. After the quick repair job we did a quick out and back on Pleasanton – Sunol Rd. and then went back to the cars parked at Crank2.

After the ride Crank2 was offering 20% off to the Cinderella Trainees. Crank2 has a lot of women’s specific cycling gear/clothing so I decided to take a peak inside. I found a pair of Descente Women’s Bib Shorts for 40% off that fit great! I’ve been really wanting to try a set of bib shorts but they seem to be really hard to find in the store.

What a great ride and a wonderful morning!

This Week’s Route

This Week’s Ride Data

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