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Sunday mountain biking at China Camp State Park

Billy and I wanted a change of pace today so we got the mountain bikes out and did a thurough pre-ride check and drove up to San Rafel CA to go to China Camp State Park. China Camp is a great place for novice mountain bikers. It’s mostly single track and has a killer 2 mile climb at the beginning but you are rewarded with about 8 miles of awesome single track downhill with a few switchbacks. We have never been to China Camp this early in the year so when we encountered a lot of mud and running creeks over the trails we knew today would be a great day to ride!

The weather was awesome and warmed up quickly. When we got there it was about 55 degrees and when we returned to the car it was just over 60.

We had a great time getting muddy and after the ride we made a pit stop at A&W to get some root beer and onion rings when Billy discovered something hurting right by his ear. When I went to take a look at what had been bothering him I was surprised to see several pairs of legs sticking out of his skin! OMG A TICK! Thank god I have a small first aid pack for the trails that has tweezers for removing ticks in it! Luckily we caught it on the the first bite so it was easy to remove and did not leave a gaping hole in his head.

I like mud.

I like mud.

Billy likes mud.

Billy likes mud.


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