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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #8

Miles: 35.71

TTL Mileage for the week: 52.31

Weather: 55 degrees and Sunny

Food: Cytomax, A Mini Clif Bar & GU Gel

The Ride: This week’s ride started out in Sunol then up Calaveras clockwise to the wall then back to Sunol. The ride out to Calaveras was nice. The climb to the false summit was very tiresome. Grimes Getaways was there at the false summit to provide us with fruit, trail mix, water and coffee for the 2nd half of the journey to the wall. This second half was a bit easier but by the time we reached the wall I was beat. We rested there for a few moments so we could all eat and drink then hoped right back on the bikes to go back to Sunol. At this point my legs were really burning but I pedaled on! I was thankful when we got back to the false summit as this meant it was all downhill from here. At this point my legs were pretty well spent. I think in the 4 hours we were riding I did not consume enough food and water. Once we arrived at the Sunol Jazz Cafe for a break we were all very thankful for a minute to chat and rest. After this we took a quick loop out Foothill to the bike path and returned on Sunol – Pleasanton Road to Niles and back to Sunol. I had a great time and the ride was awesome. I definitely need to get more time in on hills even tho hill climbing sucks.

Lessons Learned: EAT MORE!

GPS: GPSies - Cindy Training 8 - Actual Ride Data


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