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Ride up Nike Trail

Miles: 17

TTL Mileage for the week: 72.67

TTL Mileage for the month: 273.82

Weather: 65 degrees and Sunny

Food: Cytomax & A Mini Lara Bar

The Ride: Great ride out to Coyote Hills. Once we got out to Coyote Hills we rode up the paved part of the Nike Trail up to the Nike Missile Silo. This was a hard nasty climb and I could not climb the last 1/3 of the hill as it was really really steep(due to physical fitness NOT ASTHMA!!). After a quick bite we went back down the hill and out the park where somehow I got a flat as I was making a right turn out of the park and almost got dumped off the bike from the front end sliding out. I took my time changing the flat tube then headed back home the same route I took to get to coyote hills. All in all it was a great short ride.

View from Nike Hill of Fremont

View from Nike Hill of Hayward


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