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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #4

Miles: 30.0

TTL Mileage for the week: 30.0 miles (bad weather all week) + 1 hour 40 minutes on trainer

Weather: 50 degrees, Cloudy with patches of COLD rain

Food: Cereal with non fat milk for breakfast. GU Strawberry Bannana, Nuun Electrolytes on the ride. Green Tea Latte &  a Banana after the ride

The Ride: Today’s ride was pretty easy with a nice climb in the middle up to Alum Rock Park. With the new allergy meds I had no asthma issues this ride but we only climbed about 500′ today. I also got a Garmin Edge 705 on Friday and forgot to hit the start button to record the ride so I do not have any ride data for this ride. In the future I can upload the maps to http://www.bikely.com and post them here. You can also download the .gpx file from bikely so if you would like to do the route you can!


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