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Cinderella Classic Training Ride #3

Miles: 29.6

TTL Mileage for the week: 56.3 miles + 30 min on trainer

Weather: Foggy/Partly Cloudy early then the sun broke free and it was an awesome day!

Food: Luna moons split between 2 stops, Nuun Electrolytes, Togo’s for lunch after the ride.

The Ride: Today was a good ride. We averaged about 13 mph and did about 1000ft of elevation change (maybe more since we added in a steep hill that was not on the route sheet). On the second steep hill my lungs blew up but thankfully there was a quick steep hill after that that I stood up for and got up easily and did not trigger a replay event of the prior hill. After that it was smooth sailing to our Starbucks rest stop at about 23 miles.

One of the ride leaders designed some riding vests for the Worldly Wanda ride for us. There will be a zipper section on the back but instead of it having storage it allows you to access storage in your jersey! This will definitely be a great thing to have on the ALC ride in June!

Lessons Learned: I really need to eat breakfast but its so hard to do that so early in the morning 😦 I also have a doctors appointment for Monday about the asthma.


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