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First ride to and from work!

Miles: 26.7

TTL Mileage for the week: 26.7 miles + 30 min on trainer

Weather: Foggy in the AM. Partly Cloudy in the PM.

Food: Applesauce for breakfast. Chocolate Clif shot on the ride. Gatorade, green tea latte (no sweetener), macaroni salad & 1/2 a sandwich for lunch followed by the 2nd half of sandwich 20 minutes before the return trip home. No food / electrolytes on ride as Billy drove by and I hitched a ride. Recovery shake after the ride.

The Ride: After about 4 miles I realized from the burn in my chest that I forgot to pre-load with the stupid rescue inhaler. After this out of the way it was on to Don Edwards Park and over the Dumbarton(mild head wind) to Melo Park. When I got over the bridge I was greeted by a 1′ deep lake that I ended up riding on the double yellow line on the frontage road to the bike path and got my shoes wet. COLD WET FEET FTL! After that it was smooth sailing to work and recovery lunch shortly after.

The ride home went well but after I was half way thru Don Edwards on the return trip Billy showed up asking if I wanted to hitch a ride the last 6 miles. So I decided to hop in and take the easy route home for the first ride to and from work. Other than that there was nothing signifigant about the return trip. It went quick and I still had lots of energy when Billy turned up.

Next week I’m planning on 2 rides to work, Saturday Cindy training and Sunday ALC training which is going to total about 75 miles.


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