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Starting Training for the AIDS LifeCycle

I decided to blog about my journey from a 60k ride to 545 miles in 7 days. Here is a bit of background on why I decided to do the AIDS LifeCycle ride.

In January of 2009 I quit smoking cigarettes. Shortly there after I bought a nice hard tail mountain bike and started going out to the trails with my boyfriend. Eager to become “weekend warriors” we decided to get road bikes to augment our riding so we would be able to ride more frequently so when the weekend came we could hit the trails with some improved endurance and skill from our weekday rides.

By August of 2009 Billy and I signed up to do our first 60k organized ride the “Tour De Menlo” in Menlo Park CA.

Leary to get back on the bike during the rainy season I signed up for a training series for the Cinderella Classic. This is a local ride organized by women for women and is a 100k loop around Dublin / San Ramon.

The Fremont Free Wheelers Bicycle Club women have organized a 10 ride training series for the Cinderella ride that started January 16 @ The Bicycle Garage in Fremont only blocks from my house.  The first day bicycle rodeo was not exactly fun but we did get to go on a 12 mile easy ride for the first week. Somehow on this ride I pulled a muscle in my shoulder that left me in a lot of pain during the rest of the week. I’m not going to record the food for this ride because it was only 12 miles.

Billy and I will also be joining in on the ALC South Bay Cat2 Sunday rides. These rides start out at about the same pace as the cindy training but continue on thru May.

Cindy Training ride #2

January 23, 2010

Miles: 24

Weather: Questionable, Sprinkles + Partly Cloudy

Food for the ride: GU Strawberry Banana, Water, NuuN Electrolytes, A light breakfast before hand & A cheeseburger for lunch right after the ride.

The morning started out dark and gloomy but dry. By the time I was oepening the garage door to ride out it had started pooring! Luckily this tapered off in the next few minutes so I decided to go with the girls on the ride today. Within about 10 minutes of leaving the Bicycle Garage it started sprinkling. It sprinkled off and on for the whole ride but we had a great ride. We started at the Bicycle Garage on Mowry, made our way to starbucks on Newark & Jarvis in Newark, then off to loop around coyote hills. We came back by way of Paseo Padre to Central then back to the Bicycle Garage. The group I’m riding with got a bit larger this week as everyone is still trying to figure out if they belong in a cat 1 group or cat 2 so our now larger group kept getting split in half. At one point on our way out of the park I decided to sprint ahead to the lead group and my left calf locked up on me solid.

Lessons learned on this ride: Stretch my legs before the RIDE!


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